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  • Kristy Kline

Give the Gift of “Starlite” to Spread Holiday Cheer This Season

Can you believe the holidays are next week already? If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for a special child in your life, take them on a trip to the night sky and the stars with Starlite! Starlite is a new, classic children’s book that teaches self-esteem through love and kindness.

Kids LOVE Starlite, who is a new classic character that wants every child to know it’s okay to be themselves in order to achieve their dreams, and ultimately, to be happy. Why else will kids (and YOU) love Starlite for the holidays? Read through some of the teachings of Starlite below!

Discover Your Own Super-Power Within

Starlite tells children that nothing is more powerful than being able to be yourself! Starlite, who is just a little star in the sky and loves to make people smile, must draw upon her own inner strength when she gets tired out frustrated by her hard work. Digging deep and finding her own strength within helps her to shine brighter than ever before!

Never Lose Hope

When you work hard for what you have and are determined to shine your brightest, the result is joy and happiness. Although Starlite finds her work challenging, and at times it feels too difficult to be the brightest start in the sky, she persists to achieve her dream. Starlite learns to smile with all her heart to shine her brightest – Something we can all learn to do!

Learn to Be Yourself and Be Happy

The biggest reward of staying true to yourself is being happy. Starlite shows us that when you’re happy, you’ll have the ability to help others be happy, too! Starlite is a symbol of joy, determination, and happiness. She’s a little bit of what we all love about the holiday season!

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