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  • Kristy Kline

Smile & Make Somebody Happy Today!

You can use your smile to change the world! See how a little kindness today can make the world of difference. You can easily elevate your own mood when you smile. Brighten your day, even a gloomy one when you just smile.

Smiling is not only good for your inner fulfillment, it's contagious! You can light up a whole room and realize you're helping others. You are lifting other's spirits while lifting your own.

Click to read about Psychology Today's "There's Magic in Your Smile" and how smiling affects your brain.

Click to read BuzzFeed's post about 12 Interesting Facts About Smiles:

Help improve the world, one smile at a time. Leading the way to a brighter future is a new storybook about the power of a smile. A superhero named Starlite. This motivational story will encourage you to follow your dreams, treat others with kindness, and never give up on yourself.

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