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  • Kristy Kline

Your Future’s Bright When You Find Opportunities To Be Kind

When it comes to kindness we have to be ourselves. It’s meaningful when we are ourselves, true, and authentic. If we do something unpredictable, just one act of kindness today we can make a difference in the world. When an act of kindness is passed onto another person, you are not only enhancing the lives of others, but you are raising your sense of self-worth exponentially as your direct act is causing a ripple effect of kindness. Ultimately, your act of kindness is literally making YOU happier.

Why be kind? There are so many reasons. One study issued through the University of Oxford found that a person that does random acts of kindness every day for 7 days is significantly happier and the amount of kind acts proportioned to how many acts of kindness. Basically, the more acts of kindness, the happier you will be. Open your heart and mind, and help make the world a better place.

There’s a great group on Facebook called unleashing kindness. A great website: Here’s a link to the benefits of creating a culture of kindness in the workplace:

Incorporate kindness into your curriculum and make kindness the norm at your school:

Enjoy the of magic of a kids book, “Starlite” and see how fast you fall under the infectious spell of kindness in this moving and heart-provoking children’s book.

If you can just find one way to be kind today to create happiness for others and yourself, you will discover being kind is truly contagious!

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