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Children's book teaches kids to be kind

Updated Feb 18; Posted Feb 18

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio -- Kristy (Christina) Kline just might be considered a superhero. With her unique talent on the harp as well as "Starlite" -- her recent book for kids that takes them on a visit to the stars to meet a little character that helps them to be positive and persistent -- she could stand up anytime with the best of the superheroes.

Kline is used to relating to kids. She has been a harp teacher for children and even formed an ensemble of 15 kids called Christina's Little Angels. She also presents harp shows at libraries and schools that showcase the history of the harp and its lovely music.

Now Kline has become an author. Reflecting on the tragedies of mass shootings, she wanted to bring something to kids that bespeaks "joy, determination and happiness," she said. 

The book takes the kids on a journey to the night sky, where a little star, Starlite, learns how to make the "Earth People" and the other stars smile. But she's a very little star in the sky and, though she loves to make everyone smile, she gets tired and frustrated because her work is hard. Her persistence and her ability to draw upon her inner strength ends happily, in a way that will make children remember her forever.

"I didn't want anything too complicated, something fairly simple that children and adults could all relate to the character -- just following your heart and using your smile as your superpower," Kline said. "It's about peace and love. I read a lot of information on the power of smiling. It reflects on who you are."

Kline said she sees a lot of kids who look sad, and she wants them to be more aware of the power of smiling.

The story, she noted, also gets children interested in the stars. "It's a good way to introduce kids to the stars."

Kline is continuing her day job at the Rocky River Medical Spa, but found she also wants to continue delivering positive messages to young kids about compassion and good will.

This sweet, charming book accomplishes the goal. And, really, what more could a superhero ask for?

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