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Help your kids discover their superhero within!

Here's some news to smile about....

Kristy Kline from Cleveland, Ohio author of a new children’s book named Starlite is determined to help kids overcome the damaging effects that violence plays on their mental health. One of the biggest messages in the book is the believing in yourself, while the belief of treating others with genuine kindness. Kristy states “My primary purpose was to create a story to entertain and captivate little one’s attention through a spirit of hope, courage, and kindness.”

In pursuit of trying to help children avert violence in the world, Kristy explains: “Ever since the last mass shooting took place, I have been committed to helping guide children in the right direction through a spirit of love and kindness. I want to help children to overcome world violence. Can you imagine the fear and helplessness little ones feel? I decided I would write a children’s book and deliver a positive message to our young kids about self-compassion and good will."

A recent article from Parents Magazine, told by Kate Rockwood says "When tough stuff happens, it's important to talk about it together. The comforting power of books. Reading about an emotional topic together (sometimes again and again) can help your child make sense of what's going on.

“The strategy Starlite uses to empower herself is to smile with all her heart. That is all she has to do to become a super hero. Yay! We can all do that. Smiles can do wonders to make us happy, help us when we're feeling down, and even release endorphins- the happy hormones that let your body know you’re in a positive state of mind. Starlite smiles with all her heart and uses her physical state to alter her emotional state. We talk about the future generation of tomorrow, so they will have a brighter future. Ideally, we want today’s youth to have a brighter future, one without violence. Let’s not forget to smile, be kind and remind our children how powerful peace and love are."

Brief Description of Starlite:

Travel the night sky and take a journey to the stars with a new classic character named Starlite. Even though struggles and set backs are part of this little stars journey, Starlite shines brighter than any other star. You will never get enough of Starlite as she becomes a symbol of joy, determination, and happiness. Starlite's adventures will appeal to young people everywhere. A story about a special star's ability to shine brighter than any other star in an enchanting star fantasy fairy tale. Starlite sparks inspiration pointing the way to a brighter future for us all.

About the author:

Kristy Kline is well loved for her ability to connect with young children and educate solid values through heartfelt stories and beautiful harp music. Kristy has educated, entertained, and continues to inspire children. She lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her family.


Do you want your children to live in a peaceful world? One without violence? We need to instill good-will and self-worth from a very young age. We can do this through many different ways. Books are a powerful source to help guide kids in the right direction.

Inspire Your Children To Reach For The Stars!

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happy kids playing in a world without violence

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